My name is Jeanne Boden. I have a PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures and a management degree from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. My research occupies the multidisciplinary space of management, anthropology, and communication science.

Since the early 1990s I have spent many years in Asia, conducting research, and working in various roles in corporate and academic environments. I am the founder and director of ChinaConduct® Ltd. (2000) and Cultural Quantum®; both organizations advise and coach companies, universities, and individuals around the world. I have published widely on many topics. Please find information about my publications and activities on jeanneboden.com.

Statement about the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method

Throughout my life I have studied and observed what we call ‘cultural differences’. I listen carefully to how people describe their own identity, often in terms and concepts they have learned to use, and which they have internalized via their parents, their education or from others. Working across cultures is like looking in the mirror and continuously discovering new facets of your own mind. The deeper I immersed myself into different ‘cultural worlds’ the more fascinated I became.

A lifetime of research and cross-cultural practice led me to develop the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method for efficient management of international and cross-cultural cooperation. Cross-cultural management cannot be reduced to tips and tricks or comparison between ‘nations’. We must also get away from Western-centric discourse. It requires commitment to develop common ground and efficient cooperation. A systematic method enabling a bottom-up approach is key to that.