After spending many years in Asia, conducting research, and working in various roles in corporate and academic environments Jeanne Boden (PhD in Oriental Languages and Cultures and management degree from Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management) founded ChinaConduct® Ltd. (2001) and Cultural Quantum® in 2016. Both organizations advise and coach companies, universities, and individuals.

Based on her research occupying the multidisciplinary space of management, anthropology, and communication science and a lifetime of cross-cultural practice Jeanne developed the Cultural Quantum® Five Step Method for efficient cross-cultural cooperation and fair dialogue.

Cross-cultural cooperation cannot be reduced to tips and tricks or comparisons between ‘nations’. We want to get away from a stigmatizing nation-centric and Western-centric discourse. It requires courage and commitment to develop common ground and efficient cooperation. A systematic method enabling a bottom-up approach is key to that.

Join us. Take the challenge, enrich yourself and enjoy it.