The complexity of international and intercultural cooperation

International and intercultural cooperation is complex as different, sometimes even incompatible, systems interact and need to be combined.

In many cases multinational companies use a global strategy without being fully aware of the framework in which that global strategy is defined. Clashes between different political, legal, social, and cultural contexts lead to misunderstanding, loss of resources and motivation. In the case of M&A it often leads to loss of valuable talent and expertise.

Quickscan, CQTA, CQSA: current state of the art

A crucial step towards improvement and optimization of international cooperation is to map and understand the current situation.
CQ Quickscan assesses your company’s current state of the art. It provides an immediate understanding of the company’s diversity and internationalization strategies and opens up the opportunity to take measures for efficient, sustainable strategic internationalization.
CQTA (Cultural Quantum Team Assessment) maps diversity within a team and positions the team within the complexity of international cooperation.
CQSA (Cultural Quantum Self-Assessment) maps individual constellations in complex international cooperation, strengths ans weaknesses, short-term and long-term goals, action points for improvement, both individual and within the team.

Quickscan, CQTA, and CQSA contribute to raising awareness, which is the first step in our Five Step Method.

Over the past decades Cultural Quantum has conducted one-on-one interviews with executives across countries and industries.